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Last update: 27 April 2005
XYZ Stepper Motor Driver Board
XYZ Stepper Motor Board Photo (not exactly as shown)
  • 3 separate channels (for bi-polar stepper motors)
  • up to 2 Amps per channel (with adequate heatsinking)
  • based on L297D chopper stepper motor driver and L298 dual H-bridge chipset
  • set motor current independently via trimpot for each channel
  • H-bridge packages mounted along board edge for easy heatsinking
  • accomodates two limit switch inputs per channel (six total)
  • includes on-board 5V regulator
  • AD12DX form factor (3.25" x 3.25") x 1.0" high
  • all control signals on standard 50-pin connector pattern
  • control it with any Adapt11 or Adapt12 family board
  • or control it from your PC, via our Parallel Port Interface (PPI) adapter (see below)
  • 12 connector options for the ultimate in modular design capabilities
  • Order Online at http://www.technologicalarts.ca/index.php


The XYZ Stepper Driver Board:

The Parallel Port Interface Board:

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