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  • compact (2.25 inches x 3.25 inches) modular implementation of 68HC812A4 microcontroller
  • 90 I/O lines, all programmable as input or output, many with input capture, output compare, and key wake-up interrupt capability
  • 8-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • 4K EEPROM and 1K RAM on-chip
  • includes both RS232 (DB9) and RS485 (2-screw terminal block) interfaces, usable simultaneously
  • versatile connector design for use with solderless breadboards, prototyping cards, or embedding into your design
  • virtual plug-in replacement for Adapt11 boards (minor differences)
  • primary 50-pin connector for dedicated I/O
  • secondary 50-pin connector for additional I/O or expanded mode memory bus
  • memory expandable offboard up to 4MB program and 1MB data memory (memory expansion cards for Narrow and Wide mode available)
  • Background Debug Mode (BDM) fully supported for debugging your code
  • 4-pin and universal 6-pin/10-pin BDM connectors support BDM pods from multiple vendors
  • program in C, BASIC, or assembler
  • 256-byte firmware bootloader provides convenient downloading via RS232 serial port (BDM pod not required)
  • fully compatible with third-party assemblers, compilers, and BDM pods
  • many accessories available

Downloading your s-record file to Adapt812 is easy!

  • connect PC serial cable to Adapt812
  • reset board with BOOT/RUN switch in BOOT position
  • send your s-record file at 1200 baud via the serial port of virtually any computer or terminal
  • use supplied DOS batchfile (eg. to send myprog.s19 on COM2, type load2 myprog) or use ICC12 ASCII download function
  • LED flashes during downloading, goes off when finished
  • switch to RUN and reset board
  • your program is now running!



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