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Adapt9S12ZVC, USB and RS232

Adapt9S12ZVC, USB and RS232

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Designed with automotive, robotics, mechatronics, and industrial applications in mind, this module implements a fully-functional 16-bit microcontroller circuit in a the classic Adapt form-factor. Based on the advanced 16-bit S12ZVCA192 mixed-signal microcontroller from NXP, it offers unprecedented power and flexibility for a variety of applications, at a very attractive price. Suitable for educational and development applications.

The S12ZVC microcontroller integrates a sophisticated S12Z core together with a 12 V to 5 V voltage regulator and a CAN physical layer for automotive and industrial applications such as sensors, actuators, switch panels or other user interfaces.

S12ZVCA19 MCU Features:

  • powerful S12Z core with linear addressing
  • 192K ECC Flash memory
  • 12K ECC RAM
  • high-speed CAN physical layer
  • 2 high-voltage inputs
  • 4-channel open-drain GPIO
  • 4 + 4 16-bit timers (20ns resolution)
  • 4 + 3 16-bit PWM channels (20 ns resolution)
  • 10 12-bit ADC channels
  • 8-bit DAC
  • 2 Analog Compare (ACMP) with rail-to-rail inputs
  • internal 1 Mhz oscillator
  • up to 32Mhz bus speed via PLL

Module Features:

  • high-reliability S12ZVCA192 microcontroller (64-pin)
  • 5-Volt operation
  • compatible with automotive power bus
  • standard 6-pin BDM connector
  • compatible with USBDMLT low-cost BDM pod
  • supported by CodeWarrior MCU v10.6 and higher
  • integrated high speed CAN transceiver
  • on-board RS232 interface
  • on-board USB interface
  • on-board 8MHz crystal
  • standard Adapt form-factor board
  • standard 50-pin (2x25) I/O connector footprint on a 0.1-inch grid
  • choice of 11 different connector styles
  • industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C)
  • volume pricing available for 25+ units


Documentation and Support Library

Using USBDM with CodeWarrior 10.6 and higher
S12ZVC Fact Sheet
S12ZVC-family Reference Manual and Data Sheet
S12Z CPU Reference Manual
Freescale/NXP web page

Special Edition: CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers 10.7 (Eclipse)