Formatting NE64 s-records for use with D-Bug12

The s-records put out by most HCS12 assemblers and compilers need some formatting before they can be used with D-Bug12 (the program running on the MicroBDM12LX pod).  Fortunately, Freescale provides a utility called SRECCVT that will do the re-formatting nicely.  This tutorial provides the command line parameters you'll need to do the conversion properly, and demonstrates the commands to use with D-Bug12 to get your s-records successfully loaded into 9S12NE64 flash memory.

The following line should convert the s19 file generated by GCC, ICC12, AS12, etc. into a linear file that D-Bug12 will load.:

sreccvt.exe -m 0xf0000 0xfffff 32 -lp -o out.s2 in.s19

where in.s19 is the file that you want to convert and out.s2 is the file of linear s2 records that D-Bug12 will be happy to load for you.
Be sure to use the np parameter with fbulk and fload commands in D-Bug12.  This is because of the crystal frequency on the target.  So the command sequence would be:
fbulk ;np
fload ;np