Adapt11 EVBU Module
Adapt11 EVBU Module
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Adapt11 EVBU Module

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Compact Adapt11-style module with a standard 9-pin serial connector, and socket for user-supplied MCU. On-board 5V regulator. It is commonly used to read and program one-time programmable (OTP) chips (ie. 68HC711E9 and 68HC711E20).  A guide for doing this can be found here.

This board supports "burning" OTP 68HC711E9 and 68HC711E20 chips! You supply Vpp (regulated 12VDC). Production programmers for 68HC711 chips are well over $1,000 these days-- if you can find them-- so this product makes a very attractive low-cost solution (less than $100) for occasional use!

It can also be used with BUFFALO (i.e. 68HC11E9 chip) as a trainer, or embedded into your design with your own 68HC711 chip.  All I/O lines are brought out to a standard 50-pin (2x25) connector footprint, on a 0.1" grid. Several connector styles are offered. Choose the "SB" connector option if you'd like to plug this module into your solderless breadboard vertically, with the footprint of a DIP chip. Or choose the "RA" connector option if you plan to use it with a ribbon cable. (If you're just going to use it as a chip programmer, you don't need a connector, so choose the NC connector option for H1.)

  • Compact form factor (1.7" x 2.8")
  • 8 MHz crystal (2 MHz bus speed)
  • Selector switch for Single-chip/Expanded Mode operation
  • Compatible with 12K or 20K OTP ROM HC11 versions (68HC711E9 and 68HC711E20)
  • Works with any 68HC11 A or E series microcontroller supplied in a 52-pin PLCC package
  • 26 general purpose I/O lines (including 3 input captures and 5 output compares)
  • Pulse accumulator, hardware timer, real-time interrupt, watchdog, 2 hardware interrupts
  • 8 channel 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI) port offers virtually unlimited expansion
  • Serial Communications Interface (SCI) port, with programmable baud rate (up to 9600 baud)
  • RS-232 serial port, utilizing on-chip SCI
  • SCI compatible with MIDI and RS485/RS422
  • On-board reset circuit and button, 5V regulator, and RS232 interface (DE9 connector)
  • Low power requirements (35 mA @ 5 Volts DC, regulated nominal); much less in STOP mode
  • All port pins are brought out to standard 50-pin connector pattern
  • Virtual plug-in interchangeability with all Adapt11 family boards
  • 11 connector options for the ultimate in modular design capabilities

What you get:

  • this product ships with a 2-wire red & black power cable assembly (#PCJ1-8) for you to connect to your own power supply

Note: the 68HC11 microcontroller chip is not included

Complete schematic and pinout information can be found in our Resource Library, here: