Adapt11 OEM Module

Adapt11 OEM Module

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The original Adapt11 module, launched in 1994!

Product info:

  • Compact form factor (1.7" x 2.8")
  • 8 MHz crystal (2 MHz bus speed)
  • Selector switch for Single-chip/Expanded Mode operation
  • Compatible with 12K or 20K OTP ROM versions of the 68HC11 (i.e. 68711E9 and 68711E20) but cannot program them (use Adapt11EVBU instead)
  • Works with any 68HC11 A or E series microcontroller that's supplied in a 52-pin PLCC package (not included)
  • On-board reset circuit and button, 5V regulator, and RS232 interface
  • All port pins are brought out to standard 50-pin connector pattern
  • 11 connector options for the ultimate in modular design capabilities
  • can be plugged vertically into a solderless breadboard (choose "SB" option)
  • in production since 1994, and still in demand!

What you get:

  • assembled, tested module
  • data sheets, manuals, and all other resources for this product can be found here
  • 68HC11 microcontroller chip is not included
  • optional PCJ1-8 power cable can be ordered here