Demo Card for all "Adapt"-series MCU Modules

Demo Card for all "Adapt"-series MCU Modules

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Make learning more fun with this multi-function demo card!

  • provides LED bargraph, audio transducer, DIP switch, pushbuttons, photocell, thermistor, logic MOSFETs, & thumbwheel pot
  • supports optional standard character LCD (in 4-bit mode)
  • can be used on virtually all "Adapt" series MCU cards, with near-100 % compatibility
  • mirror-image pinout, plugs onto H1 connector of MCU card to form a planar configuration
  • passes H1 signals through to opposite board edge (P5) so you can add a prototyping card (AD12PROH1), experimentor card (ADEXPH1) or another application card
  • operates at 5V (or 3V with some restrictions)
  • data sheet, schematic, and other resources for this product can be found here

Choosing Connector Options:

Since this card has a mirror-image pinout, it is suitable for use in a planar configuration. That means if your MCU card has RA, RA1, FRA, or FRA1 connector option, you should choose FRA, FRA1, RA, or RA1 for P1, respectively. P5 is an extension of the H1 signals (i.e. brings them out to the opposite edge of the card), so you should probably choose the same connector option your MCU card already has on it. That way you'll be able to plug another type of card (e.g. AD12PROH1 prototyping card) onto P5.

Please note that mirror-image cards such as this one are not suitable for a board-stacking configuration.