PLCC Adapters, set of seven

PLCC Adapters, set of seven

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Product Info

  • use PLCCs in your breadboard as easily as DIPs!
  • test, interface, and evaluate microcontrollers, FPGAs, memories, and special-function chips in your solderless breadboard
  • perfect for students, technicians, engineers, and hobbyists!
  • compact vertical design
  • gold-plated 0.025" square-pin right-angle header terminations
  • rows spaced 0.3" apart to plug into standard solderless breadboard
  • takes minimum real estate on breadboard
  • gives maximum access to tie-points
  • prototyping areas provided for location-critical timing circuits
  • same pin-numbering scheme as DIP package (pin numbers ascending counterclockwise from lower left corner)
  • more details available here

Includes one each of:

  • 20 pin PLCC adapter
  • 28 pin PLCC adapter
  • 32 pin PLCC adapter
  • 44 pin PLCC adapter
  • 52 pin PLCC adapter
  • 68 pin PLCC adapter
  • 84 pin PLCC adapter